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Kanike is a collective of four artists which is also a space that becomes a breeding ground of ideas not just for us but also to build a community of people. 


Kanike as a space has multiple values. 


A space to exercise our creative needs

A space to build a community of minds

A safe space to coexist

A space to indulge in conversations

A space to build on new directions of learning

A space to share new learnings

A space to read

A space to respond 

A space, which over the course of time, will have its own meaning


Kāṇike translates as gift in Kannada. Kanike as a collective and space is intended for the practice of contemporary art with an intention to foster creativity and shape new directions in learning. It is also a space for artists from various disciplines to share, respond and collaborate in an unrestrained environment. Kāṇike aims to build a community of similar minds, and be a sanctuary for exchanges and conversations.

Kāṇike was originally conceptualised by Indu Antony and Vivek Muthuramalingam in October 2019, when they felt a strong need to have a conducive space to practice art, and encourage progressive thinking around it. They believed such a space can also be a conduit to engage with the community through collaborations and co-learnings. When Krishanu Chatterjee and Aparna Nori with their varied backgrounds joined the studio, it turned into a collective of diverse practitioners held together by a passion to incorporate time-tested, organic and handcrafted processes into their work.

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